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Saunas with shower

A sense of well-being in your outdoor sauna

A modern outdoor sauna, with its unique cubic shape, designed for effortless relaxation while enjoying the benefits and privacy of your own garden.

Outdoor Living redefines the concept of home wellness, bringing it up to date.

Focusing on your well-being is our mission.

An outdoor sauna with shower for even more enjoyment has been designed just for you. Accessible via a passageway or integrated into the sauna, so you can enjoy your shower in complete privacy.

An extra touch? Your shower heats up at the same time as the sauna, so you can start your moment of relaxation with a pleasantly hot shower.

Saunas with shower

Special features of our shower saunas

The design of our outdoor shower saunas means that they are insulated and completely watertight.

The sauna’s exterior is made of aluminum plate.

A polyester lacquer & anti-UV coating is applied to make it waterproof.

Your sauna with outdoor shower is perfectly resistant to all kinds of weather.

For the exterior finish, you can either opt for an all-stainless steel look, or choose a RAL color of your choice, blending perfectly with the color and design of your house, your windows or the ambience of your garden.

The shower is preceded by an attractive walkway, possibly made of glass, which creates additional space for your outdoor shower. Design rain skies were created for this purpose.

The standard interior finish is white or black, but here too you have the choice of adapting it to your wishes. We ensure that all materials are resistant to heat and humidity.

Are you interested?

Our saunas with outdoor shower are available in various models and standard sizes. Of course, if you’d prefer a customized steam room, we’ll be happy to create a made-to-measure project for you. Do you need extra space or a passageway to add a shower or changing room? The possibilities for customization and combination are endless.


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Saunas with shower

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